Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Twippin?

Twippin (a unit of Batchit Ventures Private Limited) is a freelancing platform designed to revolutionize the traditional workspace. At present, our platform is focused on all things writing. If you are an individual or a company looking for talented writers to write for you, Twippin is for you. If you are a writer or want to be one in any language of your preference, Twippin is for you. Please note that we are constantly working to also include freelancing domains other than writing. Bookmark this page to be informed about the updates we make to our freelancing landscape.


2. How do I use Twippin?

(a) Create and complete a freelancer profile by signing up on Twippin.

(b) Create a compelling introduction to yourself and your work experience and try to add some of your best writing samples as part of your bid(s) against the posted project(s).

(c) Submit your profile to Twippin and wait for approval.

(d) Once your profile is approved, you can browse and start bidding on the projects that capture your interest.

3. Why has my freelancer profile not been approved yet?

There can be many reasons why your freelancer profile may not get approved by Twippin:

(a) If you created a duplicate profile as evidenced by your identity proof.

(b) If the identity information you provided us in your profile does not match your bank account information and/or supporting identity proof.

(c) If you violated any of the clauses in our Terms of Service.

4. I am a new freelancer on Twippin and have no/ less ratings and reviews. How can I gain an edge over other established freelancers on Twippin?

Start by contributing a post for the Twippin blog. Every day, we feature selected freelance writers on the Twippin blog and mark their profiles as ‘featured’. This increases the visibility of the freelancer to potential employers.

5. Can Twippin provide me projects in areas other than writing?

At present, no. But we are constantly upgrading our platform to include more project categories. If you would like to stay updated about the addition of new project categories on Twippin, please send us an email at so we can add you to our list of prospective freelancers.

6. Does Twippin charge a commission fee from freelancers?

Yes, we charge our freelancers a commission fee of 3% + GST on every project or project milestone they complete.

7. I have exhausted my monthly free bids. What should I do?

Twippin offers 15 free bids per month to each registered freelancer. If you have exhausted your monthly free bids, you can purchase extra bids on the platform – 5 extra bids for ₹75, and 50 for ₹500. Alternatively, your 15 free bids will be added to your account on the first day of each month.

8. If I have some of my monthly free bids remaining this month, will they be carried on to the next month?

No, if you have not exhausted your monthly free bid quota, the remaining bids will not be carried on to the next month. Your free bid counter will reset to 15 on the first day of every month.


9. How do I hire a freelancer on Twippin?

(a) Create an employer profile by signing up on Twippin.

(b) Post your project with a detailed description of what you need to get done.

(c) Wait for your project to be approved by Twippin.

(d) Once approved, your project will be posted and made open for bidding by interested freelancers.

(e) Go through the bid descriptions and profiles of the freelancers who have bid on your project.

(f) Hire the freelancer best suited for your project.

10. Will I be charged a commission for using Twippin to get my project completed?

No, Twippin does not charge employers any commission.

11. Why am I paying the freelancer before they have even started working on my project?

Twippin requires all employers to deposit funds, equivalent to the value of the awarded bid, into our escrow account. This is done as a security measure to safeguard the time committed by a freelancer when they accept a project, to insure the freelancer against lost opportunities in case a project is cancelled, and to incentivize best-in-class project delivery.

The payment you make immediately after awarding your project to a freelancer of your choice is not directly transferred to the freelancer. It is kept in our escrow account, to be paid to the freelancer only once you approve of the task done by the freelancer and mark the project as complete. If your project is divided into milestones, we still require you to deposit the amount payable for the complete project. Once you mark a milestone as complete, the payment corresponding to that milestone will be released to the freelancer. In case of a bonafide dispute raised by you on account of unsatisfactory work by the freelancer, your escrowed funds will be refunded promptly, subject to our Terms of Service.

12. Why has my project not been approved and posted yet?

All submitted projects are evaluated against our Terms of Service and approved and posted within 24 hours of submission if they are found to be compliant.