What Motivated Me to Become a Freelance Writer

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Freelance writing has set a new landmark in India as well as around the whole world. It is surprising to see how this field has spread its wings so vastly in just a few decades. As a freelance writer, I can say that this is one of the best opportunities to grab for people who want to work individually on their own terms. I think it might help people who are looking to pursue this field to know more about what motivated (and keeps motivating) me, a freelance writer of six years, to pursue freelance writing. I am listing here the five reasons that motivated me to become a freelance writer.

1. Easy to Begin

I didn’t need the heavy burden of experience or any kind of high-profile recommendation to start my career as a freelance writer. I just determined where to start and chose my preferable niche. So, it is never too late to be a freelance writer in India or any country, if you pick the path that is right for you.

2. Affordable

Freelance writing appealed to me because I did not need to invest any kind of money in this field in the name of registration fees, etc. I only needed to invest my knowledge, writing skills and time, which made it affordable for an emerging writer like myself. So, I decided to start working through some reliable websites, such as Twippin, that encourage India-based freelance writers.

3. Choose Your Own Niche

Freelance writing has given me complete freedom to choose my writing niche. In the beginning, I always looked for topics which I thought were easy for me to handle, and now I have become a little more adventurous. This is what I absolutely love about freelance writing. You can bid on the topics you are comfortable with and decide your terms of work.

4. Enhance Your Knowledge in Different Areas

Freelance writing helped me to explore some unknown aspects of my favorite subject areas. This gave another boost to my motivation to continue being a freelance writer. Obviously, the more research you to do on a given subject, the more you will get to know about it. This is definitely a great virtue for any writer.

5. The Opportunity to Earn without Going Outside

Earning is always a blessing and if you can earn without having to leave your home, it is all the better. Freelance writing gave me the opportunity to earn well without stepping out of my house. You just need to mingle your writing expertise with the right collaborators, that’s it! 

To conclude, freelance writing not only boosts my confidence level but also sharpens my writing skills every day. Twippin is a website I like to refer to those who want to make their career in this freelance writing field more effortlessly.