Top 5 Writing Areas That Freelance Writers Dominate

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Freelance writing has been expanding exponentially in recent times.  But there are always two sides to a coin. There are certainly some perks of being a freelance writer. For instance, you do not have to stick to one stream of writing. You can always switch, walk the same road, change directions and choose what’s best for you. At the same time though, there are hundreds of freelancers around. So, the question is: how does one choose the right writing area? To answer this question, it is important to know the top writing areas that freelance writers usually dominate.  Here are our top 5 picks:

Web Content Writing

The internet is like a vast ocean and helping the client stay afloat and stand out with firm content is the job. A lot of new freelancers find writing on the internet a more comfortable and easier way to start freelancing as a career. Web content writing is simple and the only aim here is to drive traffic to the website for which they write. Freelancers come in handy for this whole process. Many clients prefer the innovation and novelty that new freelancers bring to the table over the experience they get from a team of professionals or an agency. Hence, web content writing is always dominated by freelancers.

Article/Feature Writing

Many freelancers occupy this writing space because of the sheer range of topics they get to write about.  Article writing helps freelancers write about niches that interest them. This simultaneously helps them determine what kind of subject(s) they like the best to start a career. Thus, article writing mutually benefits freelancers and their clients. Article writing can be done in different sectors too. Most of us simply think of the digital medium when it comes to articles, but the print medium is still thriving. You can always get the opportunity to write an article for a magazine or a newspaper.


Blogging falls into two categories: individual blogging, and guest blogging.

Individual Blogging

Individual blogging drives revenue (check out Bloggers, Wordpress). Freelancers start their own blogs and publish their articles on them. They write about topics that interest them, topics they want to talk about or even topics that are trending. Blogging itself has a lot of genres to pick from, such as health, lifestyle, business, information, travel, makeup, etc.

Guest Blogging

When a writer writes a blog post for someone else’s blog or business, it is called guest blogging. Fair pay for the freelancers is a given here. But the freelance writers must always know the worth of their work to decide the pay.


Freelancers that know two or more languages might benefit in this area. So many beautiful things on the internet go unheard just because it is not in your language. Translation and transcription jobs have paved the solution to this problem. Many freelancers invest their time in this area of writing to allow the world to read and appreciate the words that lay hidden just because of the language.

Proofreading / Editing

Proofreading and editing form another important area that freelance writers have come to dominate Grammatical skills are key here. Proficient freelancers can help restructure or find errors in an already existing article. Also, if you are more dedicated you can find a way to bring in revenue from both freelance writing and proofreading/editing.


There is a lot of diverse areas for freelance writers to choose from. Remember to try out different genres to figure out what really helps you hone your skills. Browse through all the areas in which freelance writers dominate, or maybe create your own niche. If you are looking for new exciting projects in any of these writing areas, join Twippin, a platform built exclusively for freelance writers. You might find a writing project that could light up your career path.