How Freelancing Is Improving the Quality of Life of Freelancers

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Quality of life means leading a healthy, happy, and comfortable life with financial stability. Can most people claim to be doing work that enables them to have a high quality of life? I can hear the answer as no. Most people chase and prefer jobs that offer high financial rewards and reluctantly accept sacrificing the quality of life, believing it to be an inevitable trade-off. ‘Freelancing,’ which offers both the quality of life and high financial rewards, is the answer to this dilemma. 

Why is freelancing so great?

Freelancing as a career is a miraculous option to improve the quality of life, especially when you have passion and competency in the area of freelancing that you are pursuing. It permits you to design your routine as you see fit and while also working with fascinating clients on fulfilling projects.

While freelancing as a career offers an unparalleled latitude over life, it also requires great deal of self-motivation and hard work, particularly in the initial months. At the outset, you will be working a lot harder than you were in your other office job. Opportunities won't wait for you. You have to chase and catch them. You will have to train yourself and own the project.

Stage 1: Hunting Mental stress

One common issue faced by any freelancer at the beginning is getting initial projects and this leads to mental stress. Not getting clients, not getting good clients, not knowing whom to trust, searching for freelance work, and having no consistent income leads to mental stress.

However, once you sign up for a platform like Twippin, which offers many exciting projects (even for beginners), secured escrow service, low service fees, and most importantly, respects you and treats you as a partner, you feel safe and engaged as beginner. When starting as a career freelancer, you may face many ups and downs during the ramp up phase, but once you stabilize, you will enjoy a superior quality of life. Thus, choosing the right platform to get projects is very important.  

Stage 2: Farming Comfort and Happiness

While starting a freelancing career, you need to patiently wait for project opportunities and put in considerable work to pursue them. Once the opportunities start rolling, the freelancer needs to consistently and satisfactorily deliver on the mandates in order to build an impressive profile. As you keep delivering good results and building the profile with good reviews, the value and remuneration of work proportionally increase.

This, in turn, also provides you with the flexibility to make a choice depending upon your preferences and needs. You may work for a few hours and enjoy the rest of the hours with your loved ones, which leads you to happiness. Or, you may work long hours and earn rewards proportionally, as per your requirement.

In closing, I would like to say that the COVID-19 pandemic period has led many to choose freelancing as a career path. With increased number of freelancers, quality of work has become a crucial differentiator. Not everyone can consistently deliver quality work for diverse clients. Thus, people in regular jobs who aspire to be freelancers need to be thoughtful of the challenges that freelancers face, especially at the beginning. However, if you are able to able to get a handle on the challenges, freelancing with platforms like Twippin will offer you fulfilling projects and a superior quality of life.