A Freelance Writer’s Journey from a Student to an Experienced Writing Expert

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My name is Madhur Goyal and I began writing in the year 2017. Back then, I was engaged in my studies and going through my B. Com final year examinations. I asked one of my friends to suggest a good way to fill up the 2-3 months of free time between my UG examination and PG admission. My friend suggested a writing agency in my city.

At the time, I had no idea that I would build my career in freelance writing one day and make a good living out of it.

"For me, the day my friend suggested about the writing agency was a great day that changed my life."

My Journey

Initial Thoughts

In the beginning, I did not take it seriously and hardly considered it as a career option. For me, it was an avenue for spending some time and having some fun and new experiences in life.

Mental Shift

When I started working and gathered more details about the industry, my interest started to grow. I began pushing my limits, spending more time writing content for self-improvement, reading books, and understanding different writing styles. At that point, my only aim was to become a good writer who has some reputation in the agency because of work output and proficiency.

Lessons and Training 

Mr. Manmeet Singh Bhatia, my first  mentor and the founder and CEO of the writing agency where I was working, trained me to become a good writer. He taught me how to push the limits and expand my horizons to become a better version of myself. However, at this stage, I still did not know about the scope of freelance writing in India and how it can become a great career opportunity.


After gaining intense training, guidance, and lessons from my mentor, I now consider myself a fine writer who can efficiently write on multiple subjects, deal with heavy workloads, and handle some co-writers as well. For that, I am highly thankful to my mentor and will be throughout my life. Afterward, I started focusing on building my career and moved to Chandigarh to gather knowledge about Digital Marketing and the SEO industry. My mentor from before also supported me during this time by providing freelance work.

New Beginning, New Lessons, New Life

After completing my Digital Marketing courses, I took a big chance and joined an IT firm in Chandigarh. Here, I learned several things about the freelance writing industry, such as getting work online and dealing with new clients, among others.

A Giant Step

After all these things, I took a big step by leaving my job and starting to work as a freelance writer. Within a few months of my journey as a freelance content writer, I understood the multiple benefits of freelance writing in India. Now, I am working as a well-settled freelance writer. It is nice to find new writing-specific freelancing platforms like Twippin where I can get good projects with high value and on-time, secured payments for my work.